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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2014 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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with a intention that was adapted as described in the management plan the proposed district will be approximately covering 3 hundred and 7 identified parcels on 22 partial blocks at the conclusion of the public hearing we'll tabulate this and report to the board of supervisors members of the public may review the tabulation on the base at city hall the statement of the district if there's a majority protest the public testimony will hear if all speakers in support of the assessment districts 2 minutes per person and all speakers in opposition to the seams during the hearing a property owner
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wishing to thank e change their vote can speak to a person outside the chamber and after the hearing closes the ballots will be counted. at this point, i want to say supervisor kim and i share some blocks within the community district i want to say a few quick words i've been supportive of the districts throughout our district 3 and this particular benefit has been in conversation for the better part of 10 years. lower polk is a difference and wonderful neighborhood in my district and district 6 but on the parts of polk has faced quality of life issues and vacant storefronts and homelessness and other conditions that have challenged
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the neighborhoods. there's almost no green and small business in the neighborhood and very few places for folks to come together there's been a lot of momentum to pull the folks together this reflects the culmination of those last year the main polk neighborhood of the year i know it as a hope of many residents the demonstration of a c having did will be appreciated >> supervisor kim. >> i'll save my thanks but happy this is moving forward and i'm happy about a couple of things for district 6 skaerth park has been added as a parcel within the binder to help to clean the areas around the children's backgrounds and want to make sure those families are able to use it so it's a safe
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and clean area and second glad the service plan is heavily wgd towards youth and happy to partner with them. we were not able to get everything we wanted to see in this district in the future we're hoping there will be an expansion after we're able to showcase and the project in this area like a mc and transmit turn over and other changes in this part of the neighborhood we're able to expand into the future as we are able to convince property owner forces the success of the lower cv d. i represent many districts central market and north of market and others. i just have to say i had mixture
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feeling but taking the public service into the private realm but the cvs have been an advantage and the creativity that is community driven by small business and residents bring a layer of personal warmth to developing our neighborhoods identified throughout district 6 and, of course, looking for the public comment arrest let's go to the public hearing i'd like to hear from the public that supports the district each member will have 2 minutes and hear if the district first supporters. please step forward >> sir. in terms of training practice
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for our younger stare and the united states and for young people they have a good academy with structure for example, for me we offer proof and meditation internal practice in a good system not everything else where in society. so big something so simple a group system procedure for meditation see. internal knowledge how they have achievement and external how do we train someone to know how to do holy mercy. and inner changes.
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see. you have also a place for them to be to go back and have some resolution for they're doing everyday. you want the plans careful plans for the parkway like the mission see. mission four quarter everyday. require is a good doesn't structure. i i don't have a good physical structure everyday it depended on good consciences for this for better cultivation for the internal and meditation >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi supervisors i'm jamie i'm the social director for the
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market use services a member of the committee and live on sutter in the neighborhood we've been working with shell thomas who passed away and getting people into the city and properties within the community to be part of the solution and not part of the problem we supported the art walks and done graffiti abatement and seeing this joining the committee to further ingrain the people in larkin street and expend their experience to be better neighbors we strongly support this cv d and hope you move forward. >> thank you. good afternoon. i'm joshua community outreach health working and living in the 16
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timing and mission district i'm a 23 year residents. so the cv d is particularly good what we're seeing at 16 and mission they're doing the community ambassador program as a bar district it's critically useful and will help the hot teams we can be out there longer hours security is tremendously expensive but the community outreach workers are not as expensive. also i find that in having a cv d we're not only having a security but agencies and there would be an agent that could move forward with the project
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and not a loss as so often with the neighborhood districts if someone gets interested in what their could go they can only do it for 6 months and then the information doorways. i think this is just so key to have we have a strong neighborhood association but there are many things i think a cv d could specifically do that would take us favorite. thank you very much >> next speaker. >> hi i kim letter a resident over 11 years in the lower polk neighborhood and part of the association. and i strongly support the cv d. >> hi my name is ron case.
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i feel like we are running a marathon and, see the finish line hopefully we'll get a little bit further. 12 years ago i was part of the founding members to try to improve this area for safety and beautification and security. the most of the years we've gotten a few grants and move a couple steps forward and get knocked back a step. we're doing a lot for our organization we want to be inclusive of everyone in the neighborhood and monetary reasons was not part of being part of our group. we looked at a number of years ago we looked at how to be self-sustaining in keeping things moving in a good
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direction. it came down to the cv d being the best option many people worked hard on this and trying to be inclusive with everyone in the neighborhood that is very important. and where we're back to where we were a number of years ago so i highly support it thank you. thank you, mr. case >> next speaker >> president chiu and supervisors i'm laura are long time resident and a small business owner and i'm on the steering community at the benefits district. i'm here to express my strong support for the cv d moving forward thank you. >> next speaker >> hello, i'm carolyn i've been a resident and business owner
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and a past resident of the lower pomp neighboring neighbors we're proud because 95 percent of the buildings in lover polk have under rent control nobody is displaced by the cleanlessness and beauty. we also know that security gates on businesses and glass are threatening only something like the cv d can replace the glass it is so expensive we can get low cost loans and so many things that a small volunteer no money but heartfelt organization like lower polk can do i look forward to this thank you >> next speaker >> i'm andrew i'm the chair of the lower polk neighborhood
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association. i'm very proud to be here with two former chairs mr. ron case and president chiu so and thank them for their work. i'm here in support of the community district and a resident on sutter street as well. what strikes me since i've moved into this neighborhood 4 years ago the process establishing the community district really upped the ante in involvement with people tenants and business owners and, of course, larkin has been extremely supportive i feel like it represents a community grassroots driven endeavor.
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bottom line lower polk neighbors is very excited about working hand to hand hopefully with the community district board to continue our goals for a safer cleaner and more beautiful neighborhood thank you very much. thank you. next speaker. . >> president chiu i supervisor kim i'm batter thomas my brother shell pass away last month it's been my honor to visit our city i come from texas and spent time in the military and seen parts of europe especially like san francisco that have renewed themselves i see the quality of life in the people. i realize that sometimes, people need money and help to infuse
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motivation and move forward and as i've spent time on lower polk and been around the area and had my hair cut and spoke with artists there i see there are room for opportunities but needs someone to lead and ami i've been expressed with ron case and the lower polk neighbors and the business owners that are there. and their involvement with that. i wholeheartedly support this lower polk cd. thank you. next speaker. . >> hi i've been a merchant in the lower polk neighborhood for 13 years and i've seen it grow and improve and i hope we can get our support by passing the
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cv d thank you. thank you. next speaker. . >> supervisors i'm chris i'm a member of the steering committee i want to be brief and thank you for the benefit district a i'm very proud of the steering committee we have nonprofits and business owners reflected the diverse population of the lower polk neighborhood and reflects the folks that will be benefiting from the community benefit district i ask your support in a few hours thank you. thank you. next speaker. . >> hello, i'm ray you will i have three children and 2 will be attending the lower polk i'm the president of the teachers
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club and school and recently joined the committee for the polk cv d i'm in support of it and grateful this is happening and very excited i know it will definitely benefit this school so thank you very much thank you thanks. >> next speaker good afternoon, supervisors i'm john nolte. i'm here to represent san francisco 10 association of san francisco. i'm also a member for over 10 years at lower polk neighbors. the lower polk neighbors have been putting the pieces together starting with the planning process with the lower polk street put in trees and a number of things begun on for the residents over a 10 year process and actually this is the second
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cv d that was tried to be formed in that area. i've been working with the residents and the people in the area trying to get to this spot to form a cv d and get the improvements we need in this corridor to help the merchant and the residents and to help the growth in the neighborhood. and see i urge that the board of supervisors support this and move it forward thanks for your time >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi him michael nolte n o l t y for 3 seven years i've been working along the corridor of polk street with the stakeholders i'm a co-founder of the larkin street committee and
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helping with the various stakeholders dealing with improving the neighborhood. i've been a part of now 5 different cv ds formulations this is the 5 and i support the lower polk management pan for the lower polk cv d and i also want to give my kudos to the various people that have been involved in the steering committee in forming this this is hard work and hope that the one of the cv ds once formed there will be more people involved in the community benefit district and find an adequate leader to move forward. thank you very much >> thank you any other members
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wish to speak in support of the district. >> hi, i'm larry i live in the tenderloin we're talking about the lower polk of main which is definitely as unification starts there's a lot of racial tension and fights but the lower polk used to be the old castro it was a navy peer and that's when they moved all the gaze to what used to be the black and career area. but this was also the area where people of all there was a place called mr. boo ganlz where blacks and gaze and straits went there and associated that's a
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international place now we call it the industrial peacock you're looking for straight or gay or young girl or boy it's a international place that area should be a place for san francisco should know its culture and history as a native of san francisco percent of natives it's a place that needs to be remain historically connected to all generations. and polk street is a good place and it's right down here in near city hall which is dr. carter be good it's part of that it's renamed after the greatest dr. in the state our honorable mayor
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former mayor willie brown ran for office this is a why the bay bridge is inflamed after the former mayor willie brown >> sir anyone else, sir you've spoken already. any other members from the public. why not hear from the opponents if you could step forward >> hello. my name is paul, i represent the architecture firm in the neighborhood we object to the cv
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d don't find it would act with usefulness we're able to maintain your building and sidewalks and we're fine doing so in the future. this is an expense we couldn't afford and we've hired someone that lives in the neighborhood on the block to help us maintain the sprrp sidewalks a couple of times a week so that's what we're comfortable with if we're part of the cv d we couldn't continue to pay him that's unfortunate. also i have two object to the business model of the cv d it appears to be a model where the city services are prioritized organized organization. and i think a better solution is
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to hire city employees to actually perform those services >> thank you any public comment on that item on the opposition of the formation of the cv d okay. seeing none i'd like to make a couple of concluding remarks and acknowledge one of our staff i want to thank the public who engaged and we'll find out the results there were a tremendous amount of vision and work that's gone into a period that lasted over a decade in particular ron and the other for their energy and vision and hundreds of volunteer hours over the years. i also want to thank other leaders within the neighborhood from chris to andrew and others
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who not only testified today but have for many years i want to close i asked our board to journey a few weeks ago in memory of shell he devoted his life to creating art walks and purely inhabits and greening activity and bringing a soccer field on top of a garage and others activities in our alleys. he was smomg someone who i hoped might have had an opportunity to staff the cv d and all of us we know his spirit is with the neighborhood as we hopefully move forward. with that, i'd like to take a moment to thank the mayor's office of economic workforce
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development who helped us to spearhead this and give her an opportunity to speak >> thank you president chiu and supervisor kim for your leadership on 0 the lower polk cv d and thank you to the staff they're my partners in crime judy son and others have been critical to this effort. i'd like to recognize kathy and others of m bs consultant. there are several departments that support those i'd like to recognize robert from the city attorney's office and others my colleagues lisa and to pay tribute to the late shell thomas and our work in our communities and his passion are a model for all of us thank you very much
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>> thank you i'd like to ask supervisor kim any further comments. >> it's great to see the support coming from the neighborhood and talking about the history of polk street to san francisco and how to work and preserve that and do a quick thank you to chris shulman forming from office of small business and jamie from larkin street employment and so on i didn't who kept up our work and most importantly want to acknowledge shell thomas for his vision i he worked hard on his project and thank you to him. >> colleagues any other comments without objection i'd like to close this public
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hearing and we'll tabulate the ballets that have been cast with the department of elections they'll tabulate and the board we'll continue the activities and when those are tabulated we're report on that publicly and move forward depending on the results of that election. with that, madam clerk why not go to 57 to 58 >> pursuant to a motion the board of supervisors will convene a committee for a public hearing to consider the resolution containing a report of diligent charges fore assessment costs by the dshg dock of department of building inspection for associated fees for building sections. >> so colleagues this is a report provide by the director
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of dbi that i want to ask the staff to summarize and then hear if the public. >> good afternoon president chiu and members. the department of building inspection we requested the special assessment for the properties. precisely transmitted to you what t what the delinquent charges to discuss their outstanding fees. the delinquent fees is a costs recovery tool i want to thank angela and rick for their support >> okay. colleagues unless there's questions we want to hear from the members of the public if you could line up on the right-hand side of the chamber you'll have two minutes to express our prospective
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please start with our name and address after the public comment you'll go out into the halfway and discuss more specifically around our case is an result will be brought back to the chamber so first member of the public. >> hello board. >> please speak into the microphone. >> hello board i'm renée i'm here on two matters i got a notice for the order numbers i assume that's with what you operate on. and one zero 637 a. and those have to do with a notice of violation that